Search & Filtering

Search & Filtering

Use smart data to help users find the exact products for their needs

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The need

Modern consumers are more selective when searching for products, and they expect smart platforms to help them find the best products for their needs.

The solution

Pinto powers smart search by tagging products across modern consumer search terms — including lifestyles, diets, preferences, allergies, and more.

Help users find the best products for their needs

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Pinto powers search and filtering


Personalized Search Tags

Leverage granular keyword tags across consumer search terms in order to always surface the most relevant and personalized product results.

Smart Filters

Implement smart filtering to give your users useful drilldowns according to their needs.

Custom Tags

Design and implement your own custom tags around specific terms you want to highlight and target.

Data highlights

Use smart data to power best-in-class search and filtering

About the data

Lifestyle & Diet Tags

Data tags covering key consumer lifestyles and diets like Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, and more.

Health Condition Tags

Data tags covering key health conditions like Heart Health, Diabetes Health, Kidney Health, Low FODMAP, and more.

Allergy & Intolerance Tags

Full list of allergens and intolerances found in the product.

Ingredient Preference Tags

Data tags covering key ingredient preferences like No Added Sugar, Lactose-Free, Whole Grains, and more.

Nutrition Preference Tags

Data tags covering key nutrition preferences like Plant Protein, Healthy Fats, Nutrient Dense, and more.

Sustainability Tags

Data tags covering key sustainability preferences like biodegradable packaging, country of origins, ingredient sourcing, and more.

FDA Nutrient Content Tags

Data tags covering FDA nutrient content claims, such as High Protein, Low Sodium, Heart Healthy, and more.


Full list of certifications the product has received, tagged by the certifying body or agency.

On-Pack Marketing & Claims

Full on-pack marketing information, including on-pack claims, romance copy, and more.

Use cases

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Pinto Product Database

Product Information

Provide users with high-quality information across your inventory

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Category management

Category management

Power space planning and insights-driven category management

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Tailor the most relevant products, promos, and content to each user

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Pinto for Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Build for today's health-driven shopper

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Transform digital platforms into highly personalized experiences

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Pinto for E-commerce


Power modern e-commerce with best-in-class product data

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