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New Hope and Pinto are teaming up to bring your product data and digital assets to retailers – both at in-person events and on Beacon Discovery™, the anytime-anywhere discovery and engagement platform for brands and retailers.

Overview and Benefits

New Hope’s Data Partner: PintoNew Hope is partnering with Pinto - the world's most authoritative product database and analytics platform for food, grocery, and CPG products.
Pinto’s Verification ProcessPinto has industry-best quality assurance and data verification systems to verify all uploaded product data.
Pinto’s Easy Upload ProcessPinto makes it easy to securely upload and confirm your product information via a personalized Web dashboard to add, update, and manage products for event exhibition and for the Beacon Discovery platform.
Go live on the Beacon Discovery platformInformation uploaded onto Pinto will be available to retailers globally through Beacon Discovery, increasing speed to market.
Control and manage your product’s data and digital assets for in-person events and Beacon Discovery all in one place.
Control and manage your product’s data and digital assets for in-person events and Beacon Discovery all in one place.

FAQs Frequently asked questions

You can get started by signing up here. Once the sign-up form is submitted, a Pinto rep will reach out to confirm your information and share the next steps for onboarding your products.

Beacon Discovery will beta launch on March 7 at Expo West in Anaheim, CA. Don’t worry though, if you’re unable to attend, your products can still be uploaded to Beacon Discovery. Products and their information will be available year-round.

Want to learn more? Check out our website here!

Alongside with your exhibitor and Beacon Discovery application, you will have a free subscription to Pinto Manager for an entire year for your sponsored products! This means you’ll be able to access your product data for the entire duration.

Please upload all products that you intend to showcase at our expo events or wish to display on Beacon Discovery as each one will need to be vetted before being displayed at a show.

Yes, you can change which products you want to spotlight in Beacon Discovery after you’ve submitted them through the CSV upload.

Yes, products in Manager sponsored by NHN can be updated at any time, however, please note that for both in-person events and Beacon Discovery, changes will not be displayed instantly as it will need to undergo a review process again. You will also have to review the Pinto Manager to make sure that all products have been successfully uploaded.

Yes, Pinto was fully acquired by SPINS in 2022. Though Pinto may be rebranded in the future, Beacon Discovery will be unaffected by any changes.

Please reach out to the following depending on your question:

Compliance -

New Hope Sales – Please contact your account manager. You can find them here.

Technical support & sales –

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