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Personalizing the world of foodfor the health needs of today’s shoppers.

Today’s shoppers are increasingly shopping according to highly nuanced preferences and health needs, while also trying to be healthier overall.

Pinto Health is here to helpWe work with retailers and CPG brands to personalize their inventories and customer experiences across today’s most critical health, dietary, and lifestyle needs.

Why does it matter? Today’s consumers are more health and values-oriented than ever before — and they’re increasingly searching and shopping along these considerations.


of shoppers now choose products based on personal health needs


of millennials now follow a specific diet


of adults now follow a specific diet


of households have at least one food allergy


of shoppers are trying to eat less added sugars


Americans have cardiovascular disease


of shoppers would like to change their diet in some way to be healthier


Americans have diabetes

Pinto personalizes the shopping experience across today’s health & dietary needs

Using our proprietary data platform, the Pinto engine continuously tags every product across modern consumer health, wellness, and lifestyle needs.

Diet & Health Conditions


Heart Health (DASH)

Gluten Free

Dairy Free



Diabetes Friendly

Kidney Friendly


Healthy Pregnancy




Clean Label

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Ingredient & Nutrition Preferences

No Added Sugars

Whole Grains



Lean Protein

Healthy Fats

Nutrient Dense

Good Source of Vitamins

High Fiber

Low Sodium

Sugar Free

High Iron

High Protein

Low Sat Fat

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Allergen & Intolerance Preferences

No Big 8 Allergens

Dairy Free

Wheat Free

Nut Free

Shellfish Free

Soy Free

Lactose Free

Fish Free

Gelatin Free

Egg Free


Lactose Free

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Personalized guidance for today's health-driven shoppers

Personalized guidance for today's health-driven shoppers
Features & Benefits

Health & Lifestyle Personalization

Use health and lifestyle filters and curated aisles to help shoppers find the best products for their individual needs.

Product Benefits via Badging

Highlight key qualities of each product as it relates to shopper health & wellness goals — for example, No Added Sugar, Whole Grains, Plant-Based, Nutrient Dense, High Fiber, Heart Healthy, Clean Label, and more.

In-Store Dietetics Programs

Power in-store healthy eating programs and empower your dietitians to help shoppers navigate your product inventory according to their personal health goals.

Substitutes & Recommendations

Provide shoppers with personalized product substitutes and recommendations that best align with their wellness goals.

Nutrition Ratings

Support customers in making healthy on-the-go decisions via Pinto’s Nutrition Rating Program that accurately scores the healthfulness of each product.

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