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What is Pinto?

Pinto is the smartest product database and data intelligence platform in food, grocery, and CPG. We provide businesses with the complete product data needed to power personalization, help shoppers find the best products for their health and lifestyle needs, and relay the high-quality product data that engages and converts.
At Pinto, we believe consumers should be able to easily find products according to their individual needs, and our data platform is solving this by digitizing and classifying the world of products across every consumer preference and search term — from every allergen and intolerance to key lifestyles and diets (like Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free), rising health conditions (like Diabetes Management, Heart Health, etc.), certifications, sustainability preferences, nutrition and ingredient preferences, and so much more. The era of personalization is here and we’ve built Pinto to power it🍓📊.
Today’s consumers have preferences covering a wide range of personal needs, and they expect smart platforms to be able to adapt to these needs. Pinto solves this problem by onboarding and classifying every consumer product across every modern consumer need, preference, and lifestyle, powering personalization at scale. At Pinto, we believe there should be no consumer product search or question that goes unmet by data (no matter how specific it is), and we’ve built Pinto from the ground up to make it really easy for consumers to navigate the world of products according to their personal preferences. It's product data made smart, simple, and personalized.
Existing datasets tend to be shallow, incomplete, outdated, and lack the depth needed to power today's applications. For example, existing product datasets may provide some basic information about products (ingredients, marketing claims, and similar), but don’t go deeper to understand a product across the full dimensions that a modern consumer considers when selecting it. At Pinto, our product database is built from the ground up for the needs of modern businesses. We ensure every item is onboarded and classified with complete, high-quality product data and is made searchable across the full range of modern consumer preferences.
Pinto is an NYC-based technology company made up of data technologists, food scientists, data scientists, and designers. We come from many backgrounds but we all share a common mission of making product data smart, simple, and personalized for the world.
Pinto Data

What type of data does Pinto provide?

Pinto provides over 1000+ data points for every product, including high-res images, core product facts, and nuanced data tags covering today's key personalized consumer preferences. For each item in the dataset, we provide: — High-Res Images that show all key sides of the product. — General Product Attributes that provide full overview information for each product, such as its name, size, brand information, marketing information, and similar. — Category-Specific Product Attributes that provide full category-specific information for the product, such as its nutrition, allergens, drug facts, and similar. — Programmatic Data Tags that classify each product across key personalized consumer preferences. — Weights & Measurements Attributes that provide full product measurements and supply chain data.
We have flexible tools to capture & provide product data: — Data Licensing: We provide data from our independent database covering hundreds of thousands of consumer products — Studio Capture: We capture products in our HQ studio via GS1-compliant data capture and high-res product imaging. — On-Site Capture: We come on site and digitize thousands of products in short periods of time using our digitization tech and digitization teams. — Existing Data Integrations: We integrate & standardize your existing datasets. — Product Imagery: We digitize label flats, images, and other digital assets. — Brand Submissions: Vendors and suppliers submit content to our Web-based portal for distribution.
Yes, we regularly onboard and capture images for items via our Studio Capture and On-Site Capture programs.
Yes, we capture high-res product imagery showing all key angles in compliance with GS1 Standards.
Yes, we regularly onboard and digitize items by processing existing label flats, images, and other digital assets.
Yes. We capture all “on package” data, including serving information, product fact panels, ingredient statements, allergen statements, on-pack marketing information and claims, warning statements, drug information, romance copy, and more.
Yes. We capture the full weight and dimension data points needed to power space planning and other supply chain use cases.
Yes. Brands leverage Pinto to submit “off package” data required by specific retail ecosystems.
Pinto's programmatic tags "understand" and classify every product across today’s key consumer preferences, including diets, lifestyles, allergies, intolerances, ingredients, sustainability preferences, and more. We believe there should be no nuanced product search or question that goes unmet by data, and our programmatic tags ensure that every product is tagged across modern consumer needs.
Programmatic tags generally fall into the following buckets: Lifestyle & Diet Tags —Data tags covering consumer lifestyles and diets like Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, and more. Health Condition Tags — Data tags covering health conditions like Heart Health, Diabetes Management, Kidney Health, Low FODMAP, and more. Allergy & Intolerance Tags — Full list of data tags covering allergens and intolerances found in the product. Ingredient Preference Tags — Data tags covering ingredient preferences like No Added Sugar, Lactose-Free, Whole Grains, and more. Nutrition Preference Tags —Data tags covering nutrition preferences like Plant Protein, Healthy Fats, Nutrient-Dense, and more. Sustainability Tags — Data tags covering sustainability preferences like biodegradable packaging, country of origin, ingredient sourcing, and more. FDA Nutrient Content Tags — Data tags covering FDA nutrient content claims, such as High Protein, Low Sodium, Heart Healthy, and more.
Yes. While we already cover highly granular consumer preferences, we regularly work with partners to develop and refine custom data tags they want applied to their dataset. For example: — Partner-specific versions of an existing data tag — New programmatic tags — New long-tail preference tags
Customers leverage Pinto to ensure every item in their inventory has the complete product data needed to power today’s best applications across the food, grocery and consumer products ecosystem. Some common applications include: — Product Information — Ecommerce — Search & Filtering — Health & Wellness — Personalization — Recommendations — Category Management — Space Planning
Yes. We capture complete data for all items, including items with no barcodes such as ingredients, produce, perishables, meals & recipes, and similar.
Yes. We regularly onboard and provide full data for Private Label products via our suite of data tools.
Yes. We have flexible tools to capture and onboard “hyper-local” products that may exist in only 1 or 2 locations.
We provide brands with a straight-forward dashboard to easily submit product additions or updates. To get started, please reach out via our Contact Us.
Pinto currently covers the following categories of consumer products: — Food & Beverage — Ingredients — Meals & Recipes — Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements — Beer, Wine & Spirits — Baby — Personal Care — Pet — Household
Pinto’s database covers consumer products across the United States market. To get the full list, please reach out via our Contact Us.
We currently only cover the United States market, but are rapidly expanding. Are you interested in having Pinto in your region? Please reach out via our Contact Us.
Access & Integrations

How does Pinto provide access to data?

We have flexible data access and delivery mechanisms, including: — Programmatic Batch Downloads (via flat files and API) — On-Demand Batch Downloads (via dashboard downloads) — Real-Time API access — API integrations in partners-specific formats — Delivery to S3/Azure buckets — Partner-defined delivery formats
We support JSON/CSV downloads by default, and can transform to partner-specific formats as needed.
We provide both a Real-Time and Batch Download API: —Our Real-Time API allows for on-demand product data and search requests — Our Batch Download API allows for programmatic downloads of the dataset
Yes. We provide customers with an Admin Dashboard to easily search, view, download, and manage the dataset.
Yes. We provide API integrations into partner-specific formats and applications when needed.
Yes. We are able to host your product data via a branded product search site.
Standards & Regulations

What are Pinto's data standards?

Yes. All of our data is 100% compliant with industry standards from the FDA, USDA, and similar. We constantly monitor these standards and update our data whenever the regulatory guidance changes.
Yes. Pinto's data is compliant with GS1 standards. We constantly monitor GS1 standards and update our data whenever GS1 regulatory guidance changes.
Our team of dietitians, food scientists, and product data experts develop standards for our programmatic tags based on the following: — If regulatory guidance already exists from a governing body such as the USDA or FDA, we follow that regulatory guidance and develop our standards accordingly. — If no such regulatory guidance exists, we incorporate best-in-class, evidence-based scientific research and consensus for a given area (for example, the DASH diet is the leading scientific consensus for a heart-healthy diet and our Heart Friendly dietary standard is thus based on it). — We also regularly work with subject-matter experts, advisors, and organizations in specific areas in order to vet, review, perfect, and test our standards. Have a question about our standards? Interested in seeing a new standard added to the platform? Please reach out via our Contact Us.
We take our data quality very seriously and have industry-best quality assurance & data verification systems. Our QA platform has been designed and built by engineers, is run by food science and product data experts, and is incredibly thorough: — All products are rigorously tested for quality assurance and all classifications are 100% compliant with industry standards from the FDA, USDA, and more. — All data is reviewed in triplicate (3 sources must agree on a datapoint for it to pass through the system). — We run thousands of programmatic checks every day against the entire database to flag any errors or anomalies on an ongoing basis.
Yes. While Pinto already covers highly granular consumer preferences, we regularly work with partners to develop and refine custom data tags they want applied to their dataset. For example: — Partner-specific versions of an existing data tag — New programmatic tags — New long-tail preference tags
Getting Started

How do we get started?

We’d love to hear from you! The best way to get started is to reach out via the Get a Demo area of our website. We’ll then be in touch with next steps and the full information for your needs.
We have straightforward mechanisms that allow you to add or update your products into our database. To get started, please reach out via the Contact Us.
We have flexible mechanisms that allow you to integrate Pinto data into your technologies. To get started, please reach out via our Contact Us.
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