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Pinto powers personalized customer experiences
Pinto is a smarter product database and product content platform. We provide food, grocery, and CPG companies with the deep product data needed to relay rich and relevant information to their customers, personalize their inventories across modern consumer needs, and power their entire business. No product database is smarter or more complete. To do this, our data platform provides the most complete source of information on consumer products, including high-quality images, full product facts, and nuanced classifications covering today’s key and evolving consumer preferences. At Pinto, we believe consumers should be able to easily navigate products according to their individual needs, and our data platform is solving this by onboarding and tagging the world of products across every modern consumer preference — including lifestyles, diets, health conditions, allergies, intolerances, certifications, ingredients, sustainability considerations and more. The era of personalization is here and we’ve built Pinto to power it.
We believe today’s consumers are different — they have more nuanced needs when selecting their products and are more driven by specific preferences than ever before. At the same time, today’s businesses increasingly need to build modern applications to meet their customers in the digital world, but often lack the high-quality product data to do so. That's why we built Pinto — a modern product database designed to make the world of products more personalized, searchable and optimized for today’s consumers, while providing businesses with the complete data needed to build modern technologies across the food, grocery, and consumer products ecosystem.
Today’s consumers have preferences covering a wide range of personal needs, and they expect smart platforms to be able to adapt to these needs. Pinto solves this problem by onboarding and classifying every consumer product across every modern consumer need, preference, and lifestyle, powering personalization at scale. At Pinto, we believe there should be no consumer product search or question that goes unmet by data (no matter how specific it is), and we’ve built Pinto from the ground up to make it really easy for consumers to navigate the world of products according to their personal preferences. It's product data made smart, simple, and personalized.
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