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We provide companies with the complete product data needed to relay rich and relevant information to their customers, personalize their inventories across today’s consumer needs, and power their entire business.

Pinto provides businesses with smart product data, including a consumer products database, USDA food database, food nutrition database, inventory database and household products database
Product data done differently — at Pinto, we're dedicated to making the world of products more optimized, searchable and personalized for today's consumers.Our mission
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Trusted by the best — Industry leaders use Pinto to power innovative technologies in food, grocery and consumer products.

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Whole Foods, Powered by Pinto
Whole Foods — a Personalized Product Catalog, powered by PintoSee story
OptUp, Powered by Pinto
OptUp — a Kroger Personalized Health App, powered by PintoSee story
Why Pinto?

A new era of personalizationin consumer products

Today’s consumers are different

Modern consumers are more nuanced in how they search and select their products, and are more health and values-driven than ever before.

That's why we built Pinto — a modern product database, designed to make the world of products more personalized, searchable and optimized for this new world of consumers.

How it works
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Put smart product data to work for your business

Product Information

Product Information

Provide users with high-quality information across your inventory

How it works


Power modern e-commerce with best-in-class product data

How it works
Search & Filtering

Search & Filtering

Use smart data to help users find the exact products for their needs

How it works
Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Build for today's health-driven shopper

How it works


Transform digital platforms into highly personalized experiences

How it works


Tailor the most relevant products, promos, and content to each user

How it works
Category management

Category management

Power space planning and insights-driven category management

How it works
Data overview

Your one-stop shop for complete, consistent data across your inventory

Businesses use Pinto for product data across multiple categories, including Pinto's grocery products database, ingredient database, product classification database, and product image database.

High Quality Images

High-res e-commerce images showing all product sides.

Complete Product Facts

Full nutrition, drug, supplement and other facts relevant to every product.

Ingredients & Allergens

Full ingredients, allergens, intolerances and cross-contamination risks found in every product.

Lifestyle & Diet Tags

Personalized data tags covering key lifestyles and diets like Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, and more.

Health Condition Tags

Personalized data tags covering key health conditions like Heart Health, Diabetes Health, Kidney Health, Low FODMAP, and more.

Ingredient Preference Tags

Personalized data tags covering key ingredient preferences like No Added Sugar, Lactose-Free, Whole Grains, and more.

Nutrition Preference Tags

Personalized data tags covering key nutrition preferences like Plant Protein, Healthy Fats, Nutrient Dense, and more.

On-Pack Marketing & Claims

Full on-pack marketing information, including on-pack claims, romance copy, and more.

Weights & Measures

Full product measurement data, including weight, dimension, and other relevant supply chain data.


Full list of certifications the product has received, tagged and verified by the certifying body or agency.

Explore our data attributes

We’ve built the world’s deepest database of consumer products, with high-quality images, quality-assured datapoints, and nuanced classifications covering today's key consumer preferences.

Explore our data attributes
Our mission

A new world forproduct data

At Pinto, we believe product data should be smart, simple and personalized to the needs of each individual.

Our mission
At Pinto, we believe product data should be smart, simple and personalized to the needs of each individual.

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