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Power personalization for today's shoppers, help them find the best products for their health and lifestyle needs — all backed by high-quality product data that engages and converts.

Pinto provides businesses with smart product data, including a consumer products database, USDA food database, food nutrition database, inventory database and household products database
Who we work with

Trusted by the best — We work with industry leaders to power today's best tech in food, grocery, and CPG.

Whole Foods — Personalized Product Platform, powered by Pinto

Kroger — Personalized Health Platform, powered by Pinto

McCormick — Optimized Product Content, powered by Pinto.

Why Pinto

We’re making the world of products optimized, searchable, and personalized for the needs of today's shoppers.

Why does it matter? Today’s consumers are more health and values-oriented than ever before — and they’re increasingly searching and shopping along these nuanced considerations.


of shoppers now choose products based on personal health needs


of shoppers would like to change their diet in some way to be healthier


of adults now follow a specific diet


of millennials now follow a specific diet

How we help

Pinto has built the modern product data engine powering the next generation of commerce

Product Database

Product Database

Access the world’s deepest database of food, grocery, and consumer products.

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Pinto Manager for CPGs

Pinto Manager for CPGs

The simple way to host, manage, and optimize your product content online.

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Content Studio

Content Studio

Create high-quality product images and data across your portfolio.

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Data Distribution for CPGs

Data Distribution for CPGs

Provide high-quality and optimized product content — everywhere it counts.

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Pinto Search

Pinto Search

Optimize your product results across every preference-based search.

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Pinto Health

Pinto Health

Personalize your inventory for the health and dietary needs of today’s shoppers.

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Use cases

Put smart product data to work for your business

Product Information

Provide users with high-quality information 
across your inventory

Search & Filtering

Use smart data to help users find the exact products for their needs


Transform digital platforms into highly personalized experiences

Health & Wellness

Build for today's health-driven shopper


 best-in-class e-commerce with 
modern product data


Tailor the most relevant products, promos, and content to each user

Category management

Power space planning and data-driven category management

Pinto Database

Your one-stop shop for complete, high-quality data across your inventory

Businesses use Pinto for product data across multiple categories, including Pinto's grocery products database, ingredient database, product classification database, and product image database.

High Quality Images

High-resolution imagery of every item — from every angle — to meet your full product photography needs.

Complete Product Data

Thousands of digitized datapoints, including products facts, ingredients, allergens, marketing claims, certifications, and more.

Computed Classifications

Computed metadata tags covering nuanced health, wellness, and lifestyle preferences, such as Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, and more.

Pack & Case Data

Complete datapoints and images covering the item pack and case.

Weights & Measures

Full product measurement data, including weights, dimensions, and relevant planogram data.

Supply Chain Data

Robust supply chain data, including manufacturer info, distributor info, product origin info, and more.

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We’ve built the world’s deepest database of consumer products, with high-quality images, full product datapoints, and nuanced classifications covering today's key health, wellness, and lifestyle preferences.

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Our mission

A new world ofpersonalization

We believe product data should be optimized, searchable, and personalized for the needs of today's consumers.

Our mission
At Pinto, we believe product data should be smart, simple and personalized to the needs of each individual.

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